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Chief Technology Officer Role Created to Enhance Patient-Centric Tech Solutions at Roswell Park

Paul Visco has been promoted to the role of Chief Technology Officer at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center. Longtime Roswell Park employee Paul Visco is now serving in the new role of Chief Technology Officer. A new position at Roswell Park, Visco’s role as CTO involves developing and implementing new technologies that benefit the experiences of both patients and clinical teams. He will be t... »

Buffalo Business Community Raises Half-Million Dollars for Team Science Project at Roswell Park

Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center today marked the completion of its inaugural Herd of Hope campaign with the announcement of the winner of a $500,000 research grant. This first-of-its-kind “team science” research award was made possible through sponsorship’s from Western New York businesses and is providing seed funding to begin a new team science research study at Roswell Park. Each... »

E-Cigarette Users Have Lower Exposure to Toxicants — As Long As They Don’t Smoke Combustible Cigarettes Too

The largest study to date to compare exposure to toxicants among users of electronic cigarettes, smokers and nonsmokers has been completed, suggesting possible benefits for smokers who switch completely to electronic cigarettes. The research team, led by Maciej Goniewicz, PhD, PharmD, and Andrew Hyland, PhD, of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in collaboration with scientists from Westat, ... »

Opioids Unnecessary After Surgery – New Roswell Study

Pain after surgery can be effectively managed with minimal or no opioids, according to research conducted at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and published today in JAMA Network Open. A two-year study by a multidisciplinary team of surgeons and other cancer specialists shows that the amount of opioid medications prescribed after surgery can be drastically reduced without negatively affecti... »

New Advances and Treatments for Cancer

 New Advances and Treatments for Cancer Are Focus of UB Mini Med School Researchers and clinicians from Roswell Park and UB to share the latest findings BUFFALO, N.Y. — The UB Mini Med School, a public service, community education program of the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo, will present a series in December on “Cancerous Diseases: Introduction, Ad... »

WNY Booming Aging Population

Top regional experts to discuss care for booming aging population BUFFALO, N.Y. — Health care leaders from The Eden Alternative, Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the University at Buffalo will share their insights during a panel discussion on Nov. 3 at Templeton Landing, 2 Templeton Terrace in Buffalo. As 10,000 aging baby boomers qualify for Medicare every day, “Improving the Health Status of th... »

Roswell Identifies Gene Linked to Aggressive Prostate Cancer Tumors

Roswell Park Team Identifies Potential Biomarker for Aggressive Prostate Cancer – Late-breaking research presented at AACR annual meeting in Washington, D.C. – Gene linked to aggressive prostate cancer tumors Identifying a gene linked to aggressive prostate cancer tumors may help oncologists to identify aggressive prostate tumors sooner, and additional studies are underway to confirm a... »

Roswell Researchers Genetic Changes and Cancer

Roswell Park Researchers Offer Novel Insight into Genetic Changes Leading to Cancer: Findings may lead to personalized prognostic tests for blood disorders BUFFALO, N.Y. — Predisposition to cancer and cancer progression can result from gene mutations that cause elevated rates of genetic damage. Similarly, carcinogens, including some that are used in chemotherapy during cancer treatment, act by dam... »

Roswell Research – Inaccurate Labeling Hookah Tobacco Products

Analysis of nicotine, pH levels in waterpipe tobacco has important regulatory implications BUFFALO, N.Y. — Label information on many hookah tobacco products is misleading and may be misinterpreted by consumers, according to new research on nicotine and pH levels in hookah tobacco. The study, led by Roswell Park Cancer Institute scientists, has been published online ahead of print in the journal To... »

Guiding Treatment Decisions in Prostate Cancer

One Single Biopsy Not Sufficient to Guide Treatment Decisions in Prostate Cancer – Molecular composition of multiple tumors shows genomic differences Cleveland, OH & Buffalo, NY – While the majority of prostate cancers are slow growing and not fatal, some are aggressive and lethal. That fact underscores both the importance of new evidence that prostate tumors can be genetically dif... »

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