Teachers: Help Out in the Current Crisis!

By Anne Showers, Chief Executive Officer, Accessible Academics

Do you have a high school junior or senior, a college, or trade-school student at home struggling with goals or completing their online education?  If so, Accessible Academics provides online life skills, career, and academic learning. Our services are open to anyone, and we have expertise with students with disabilities receiving special education or academic accommodations.

Online Services. We offer Individual tutoring and homework support addressing multiple high school and college subjects, and an online resource room for drop-in support and study time with tutors. We also offer individualized coaching in time management, organization, goal setting and attainment, self-advocacy, stress management, life, career, and education learning strategies.

Webinars. Webinars are open to all ages with the structure and support of an online course and community to help meet students’ goals on a variety of topics, however, we will continue to expand our offerings.

  • Koru Mindfulness. To help manage stress and live in the present moment.
  • Skills to Pay the Bills. Strategies on attaining, maintaining, and advancing career skills.
  • Hitting the Job Market. Writing and job search strategies to land that dream opportunity.
  • Empowering Your Best Self. Recognizing your inherent worth, overcoming challenges, and working toward personal goals.

To register for an online program, visit www.accessibleacademics.org. Students with disabilities eligible for services through OPWDD may be able to participate for free. We are also seeking teachers and college instructors interested in working remotely with students. If interested, please complete our online application at https://tinyurl.com/AcAdEmploymentApp.

Questions? Call 716-492-8656.