By Matthew Smith, Executive Director Preventionfocus

According to the American Institute of Stress, everyday stress encountered at home and at work has become a major challenge for American adults. Individuals report that the stress of increasing demands at home and at work contributes to low morale and feeling out of control. Sadly, evidence shows that stress also accounts for an increase in heart attacks, hypertension, and other health disorders.

Fortunately, there are helpful ways to survive and even thrive in stressful situations. The local non-profit Preventionfocus offers “Resilience and Thriving: The Secret Power of Stress,” a highly successful workshop that transforms how people experience stress. The free 60-90-minute interactive workshop is now available to businesses of all sizes in Erie County. It provides individuals with easy-to-use practical skills and relaxation techniques for dealing with stress. Participants also learn about the six dimensions of wellness — physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, social, and intellectual, and receive information on how to access helpful resources for each of these dimensions.

Each participant also evaluates their own coping strategies and sets realistic and ongoing goals to positively address stress in their lives. This includes mind-body tools for a positive mindset, and using stress as a motivator to thrive. Results show that participants reported reduced stress for up to 12 months after completing the workshop, fewer instances of workplace rudeness and harassment, and an increase in teamwork and compassionate behavior. Even more encouraging is that the same outcomes were experienced by employees across different industries and workplace settings.

If you would like to learn more, or have your staff participate in this highly successful free program, call 716-858-0148 or email