By Annette Pinder

As a mother, a physician, and Director of the CDC, Mandy K. Cohen, MD, MPH urges everyone to get a new updated Covid-19 vaccine this fall. In a recent New York Times article Cohen said that although our lives have returned to normal, we still need to make use of the tools available to us that prevent serious illness, death, and long Covid.

Cohen explained that as the coronavirus changes over time, it finds ways to evade our immune systems, so that even if we were previously vaccinated or had the virus, the protection that afforded us wanes over time. And much as we would like it to go away, Covid-19 will likely remain with us forever. As a result, Cohen urges everyone age 6 months and older get the new approved vaccine.

Covid-19 is even more threatening to individuals ages 65 years or older, and to those with underlying health conditions. Also, approximately 70 percent of American adults have weakened immune systems, which puts them at greater risk than younger healthier individuals. People who are unvaccinated are also more likely to suffer from long Covid symptoms like extreme tiredness, shortness of breath, and headache that can affect their life quality.

Cohen points out that Covid vaccines have been put through extensive clinical trials to assure their safety, and that more than 670 million doses have been administered in the US over more than two years. Most insurers cover Covid vaccines at no cost, and individuals without health insurance can get them free.

Take Dr. Cohen’s advice. Protect yourself and your family. Get a new Covid vaccine, and also learn about the updated flu and new RSV vaccine at