by Annette Pinder

Jordan Morrison, Staff Sergeant Retired (SSGT) suffered from debilitating migraines and excruciating burning and searing pain that radiated from his thighs to his toes. The pain, which lasted for years, was so terrible that he was unable to sleep for more than two to three hours at a time before he would wake up to take more pain medication.

Morrison sustained an injury while overseas in Pakistan in 2000 during a casualty evacuation drill. “I was told that when I was carrying a marine on my shoulders, I ran too far forward, which seriously injured my back.” He was placed on sleep and pain medications, as well as antidepressants, and underwent corrective surgeries for bulging disks.” He was also provided with a spinal cord stimulator. However, his pain rarely subsided. “I was living on the couch in perpetual hell,” he says.

Things have changed significantly for Morrison after recently being introduced to Alpha-Stim, an FDA-approved electrotherapy device that safely and effectively manages pain, and also treats insomnia. “Best of all,” says Morrison, “Alpha-Stim has no lasting side effects, no risk of addiction, and no danger of interaction with medications. In fact, of all the treatments I have tried, none has been more effective. Alpha-Stim is the quickest and easiest treatment I have ever used. It’s like putting on earphones and listening to a radio. In fact, that is exactly how I look when I’m using it.”

Within just a few weeks of using the device, Morrison’s pain is significantly reduced, and he is sleeping through the night. He has also returned to school full-time to obtain full certification as a licensed real estate appraiser. He enjoys working around his new home, exercises using light weights, and enjoys being active. “I know being sedentary makes any residual pain I have worse,” he says.

Morrison continues to receive facet injections in his back and radiofrequency ablation in his neck and skull to alleviate his migraines. He continues to use a spinal cord stimulator, but says Alpha-Stim has helped significantly in ways other therapies alone did not. He is grateful to John Maloney, who introduced him to the device and who helped with the Veteran’s Administration (VA) approval process. “John even came to my home and provided me with supplies when I needed them. He made it so easy.”

Looking toward the future, Morrison says, “My girlfriend, a research scientist at the VA, has stood by me and supported me through it all. Now, at 41 years old, I have met the woman of my dreams, am pursuing a new career, and we are hopeful for a pain free future together.” He is also grateful to Veteran’s One-Stop, Disabled American Veterans, all of his medical providers at ECMC, and to Dr. George J. Burnett, a psychiatrist at the VA who treated him for depression.

Learn more about Alpha-Stim at, where you can see videos and learn more about the device, or call 800-367-7246.