By Vito Taverna

Many of us recently visited with family over the holidays, during which we may have reflected on past memories, those we were currently making, or remembering those no longer with us.

An article in Current Psychology notes that while aging is often characterized as a time of loss and decline, a more uplifting approach would be to highlight the enriching lives and experiences of those who are aging. Julie Hayes, an assistant editor at Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, says, “There is nothing like the moment at a family gathering when someone shares a particularly funny or poignant memory, and it triggers another, and that leads to another, and before you know it, the family has spent hours swapping tales.”

Many of us heard Rosalind Carter’s grandson Josh recount his grandma’s efforts to denounce the stigma associated with mental illness, or how she pulled out a Tupperware container and loaf of bread to make cheese sandwiches for everyone on a plane ride. He remembered her as a down-to-earth person who did so much good.

So how do you capture these rich memories, events, and perspectives that constitute a person’s life, wisdom, and the essence of who they are? It is with this in mind that I created Living Memory Videos.

If you would like to memorialize what your parents, grandparents, or great grandparents

looked and sounded like, and hear about their triumphs, hopes, dreams, and have them share their wisdom in their own words, call me. Time and again, I am told by families how much a living memory video has meant to them in preserving the life and legacy of a loved one. Call 716-228-8128, and I will reach out to help you preserve these priceless memories.