Group Fitness and Personalized Training in One

Orangetheory Fitness is All the Rage by Annette Pinder Face it – getting motivated to exercise isn’t always easy, especially for people who have competing priorities, let alone the desire to fulfill their basic need for friendship and human connection. It turns out that working out with a companion may not only help fulfill the need for friendship, but may also bring better results, according to r... »

The Health Benefits of Tai Chi

By JudyAnne Bonafede Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise becoming that is practiced using a form of meditation and strengthening. A series of slow and synchronized movements with graceful names like Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail, White Crane Spreads Its Wings, and Needle at the Bottom of the Sea, tai chi resembles a slow-motion dance, consisting of various postures and gentle movements. According to C... »

Regular Exercise Can Help Kids Do Better in School

(StatePoint) Physical activity may not be the first thing parents or teachers think about when they want to boost a child’s academic performance, but evidence supports the notion that a bit of exercise for the body is beneficial to the brain as well. In fact, kindergarteners who participated in Build Our Kids’ Success (BOKS), a free before-school program involving physical activity and nutrition e... »

Best Exercises for Baby-Boomers

The human body needs exercise to operate at full capacity. Exercise is important at any age, but can be particularly beneficial for individuals over 50. The key is finding exercises that are both safe and effective. Benefits of Exercise The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that 28 to 44 percent of seniors ages 65 to 75 are inactive, meaning they don’t get enough daily exerci... »

Caution Key for Seniors Returning to Exercise

Despite reports of a nationwide obesity epidemic, much of the country has made exercise an important part of their daily routines. Though young people are aware of the long-term benefits of exercise, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, seniors can benefit greatly from daily exercise as well. In fact, many illnesses commonly faced by senior citizens can be combated effectively, though not e... »

Exercise and the Older Woman

The aging process has a way of making people risk-averse. Financial advisors typically recommend that men and women steer clear of risky investments as they age, and men and women over 50 often make lifestyle choices to reduce their risk of developing certain medical conditions. As women age, some may feel exercise is simply too risky. Hormonal changes brought on by aging decrease a woman’s ... »

Fitness First – Laughter After

I May Talk A Good Game, but.. by Doug Carpenter This is no small thing for a guy to confess. But other than the few close friends I’ve told (…who come to think of it actually know even worse things about me…), I doubt anyone would suspect the awful, socially-inconvenient truth. That basically, I’m (…GASP…) sports illiterate. Having to just stand there while my fellow guys exchange manl... »

Chair Yoga – Catching on with Seniors But Great for Everyone!

by Pat Richter, MPA If you’ve given up on yoga, take heart! A gentle new yoga that just about anyone can do, regardless of age, injuries or disabilities, is becoming increasingly popular. It is called chair yoga. With chair yoga students experience all the benefits of yoga without worrying about getting up and down from a floor mat. Imagine building strength, flexibility, and balance from the safe... »

Yoga Not Just For Youngsters

Most of us know that yoga is attracting more and more people each year. Designed to promote physical and mental health, yoga helps millions of people control their stress and improve their flexibility. A study by Harris Interactive Service Bureau reveals roughly 20 million Americans practiced yoga in 2012, a 29 percent increase from 2008. “While some people over 50 may feel their time to take up y... »

Running with My Dad

by Ashley Fisgus It’s 6:30 am on a cold and snowy Saturday morning. I turn the alarm off, slip back into bed, and call my dad who, in a cheery morning voice, tells me he’s on his way over. It’s marathon training and no matter what the weather, we have miles to run. Fortunately he’s a great running partner. My dad and I began running together when I was 12. I enjoyed his company, but felt guilty fo... »

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