Caution Key for Seniors Returning to Exercise

Despite reports of a nationwide obesity epidemic, much of the country has made exercise an important part of their daily routines. Though young people are aware of the long-term benefits of exercise, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, seniors can benefit greatly from daily exercise as well. In fact, many illnesses commonly faced by senior citizens can be combated effectively, though not e... »

Exercise and the Older Woman

The aging process has a way of making people risk-averse. Financial advisors typically recommend that men and women steer clear of risky investments as they age, and men and women over 50 often make lifestyle choices to reduce their risk of developing certain medical conditions. As women age, some may feel exercise is simply too risky. Hormonal changes brought on by aging decrease a woman’s ... »

Fitness First – Laughter After

I May Talk A Good Game, but.. by Doug Carpenter This is no small thing for a guy to confess. But other than the few close friends I’ve told (…who come to think of it actually know even worse things about me…), I doubt anyone would suspect the awful, socially-inconvenient truth. That basically, I’m (…GASP…) sports illiterate. Having to just stand there while my fellow guys exchange manl... »

Chair Yoga – Catching on with Seniors But Great for Everyone!

by Pat Richter, MPA If you’ve given up on yoga, take heart! A gentle new yoga that just about anyone can do, regardless of age, injuries or disabilities, is becoming increasingly popular. It is called chair yoga. With chair yoga students experience all the benefits of yoga without worrying about getting up and down from a floor mat. Imagine building strength, flexibility, and balance from the safe... »

Want to Stay Healthy at Work? Small ideas that can make a big difference.

Does it seem like you’re spending more time at work, and less and time exercising? Do you tell yourself, “There’s simply not enough hours in the day to exercise” or “Every day there’s so much junk food around, it’s hard to resist?” If this sounds all too familiar, perhaps it’s time to consider how some small changes can make a big difference in... »

Armchair Athletics Anyone Can Do

Everybody needs more exercise. Here are easy ways to work activity into your TV time. by Amy Goldwater (BHL) – For many people, finding time to work out after a long day at the office can be challenging. Running errands, preparing dinner, coordinating after-school activities for the kids, and more – all take up precious free time. But being even moderately active is a great way to live an ov... »

Tai Chi

Many receive tremendous benefits from the practice of this ancient martial art by Kathleen Moore, Ph.D.  Tai Chi, also known as T’ai Chi Ch’uan, is an ancient Chinese martial art practiced by people worldwide as a form of meditation and strengthening technique. A series of slow, synchronized movements with colorful names like Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail, White Crane Spreads Its Wings, and Needle... »

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