Courtesy of Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers

“Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers (BFNC) is dedicated to helping all of its community members navigate life’s obstacles. Recently, women were energized and encouraged to focus more on assisting each other during BFNC’s annual Women’s History Month Conversations Brunch. We simply provided the opportunity, and the women took care of the rest,” says BFNC’s Chief Executive Officer Chandra Redfern.

“During May, as we celebrate both Women’s Health month and Mental Health Awareness month, we want to remind community members about the services we offer that involve coordination of health care needs and mental wellness resources. Most of all, we want people to know that they matter.”

The following are some key BFNC life-changing initiatives:

  • BFNC’s Care Management services assist Medicaid patients with the care they require that is vital to maintaining their health.
  • BFNC’s Gathering Place provides a calming environment and relaxing activities for older adults.
  • BFNC’s Hope Center staff helps community members reduce the stress associated with financial planning by providing ongoing training designed to help them achieve their financial goals.
  • BFNC’s food pantry is open every Thursday and Friday. The pantry is essential to helping community members receive nutritious food for themselves and their families. BFNC is also proud of the collaboration with Feed More WNY that offers a mobile market to residents residing near Eastside Westminster Community House.
  • BFNC’s Youth Services focus on providing Erie and Niagara County youth with career and life-focused activities that impact families.

Listen to BFNC Living’s podcast and radio show highlighting their services, and hosted by Chandra Redfern, Thursdays from 11:30 to noon on WUFO 1080 AM and Power 96.5 FM and anytime at