By Tom Lonzi

A proper bicycle fitting is very important to making cycling an enjoyable activity for everyone. It is essential that your bike be set up for you, and not just stock off the shelf. Minor adjustment to the fit can make all the difference. The fitting entails making various adjustments to the bicycle so that the rider is comfortable, efficient and reduces the possibility of injury.

Most riders have never been properly fit to their bicycle. Fitting the rider requires the rider to pedal on a stationary trainer while the bike fitter watches and makes notes on riding position. The adjusts the seat height by measuring the rider’s knee angle using a goniometer to a specific range. After setting the correct seat height, the fitter adjusts the saddle position forward or backward for proper alignment.

When the saddle is in the correct position the fitter, then observes the rider’s reach to the handlebar. The rider should not be cramped or stretched out, and have a slight bend in their elbow. Once the proper reach is achieved, the fitter adjusts the height based on rider feedback for the most comfortable position. Lastly, the fitter adjusts the handlebar angle to ensure the rider’s wrist runs in a straight line to avoid extra pressure at the wrist.

At Tom’s Pro Bike, every bike sold comes with a complete bike fitting. Tom’s also offers services to fit bicycles purchased elsewhere, allowing anyone to get their bike in the proper position.

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