Mar-Bon: A Social Club for Seniors
By Annette Pinder


Visiting Mar-Bon Social Club, a place for retirees and seniors to enjoy one another’s company, I was inspired by the warm, welcoming, home-like feeling. Sitting in the living room, I couldn’t help sharing my own stories with co-owners Laurie and Vicky, as we sat in front of the fireplace discussing nearly every woman’s favorite topic — shopping!

Laurie and Vicky are following the example set by their parents’ Mary and Boniface Pope, who raised nine children, and always welcomed and treated people with warmth and respect. However, after their father’s passing, Laurie and Vicky realized that the quality of their mom’s life improved when she was surrounded by people. So, they set out on a venture to create a wonderful place where their mom, and others like her, could make friends and share experiences. 

Mar-Bon features a reading library, computer corner, movie room, music room, and even a hairdresser! Club members can participate in chair yoga, knitting, an art project, listen to music or a lecture, or simply sit and chat. They also enjoy a homemade lunch and plenty of snacks.

As adult children, Laurie and Vicky understand the demands of balancing busy lives with caring for aging parents. They also know the pain of isolation that many older people experience, and who are particularly impacted by feelings of loneliness during the COVID-19 pandemic when families have become socially distant.

Mar-Bon is a great addition to our community, even during COVID, when all safety guidelines are being practiced. Learn more at Mar-Bon’s wellness event on November 5 from 6 to 7 pm. Call 716-406-4577 to reserve a seat. Visit and think about joining the club!