By Amy Beth Taublieb, PhD

For many, the holidays provide an excellent distraction from the emotional and psychological issues that affect us during the year. Being occupied with making lists, planning dinners, family gatherings, sending out greeting cards, and buying gifts often allow us to temporarily forget what has been bothering us. But once the celebratory excitement has passed, the reality of financial, relationship, parenting, work, and other daily life challenges can begin to resurface.

Each year following the holidays, it is quite common for therapists to begin receiving more telephone calls from people who are reaching out for help. I am quite accustomed to this, and attribute it to the disappearance of the holiday distraction. In fact, it is quite common to hear people say, when contemplating some of the more difficult issues they are facing, “I’ll make a point to do something about this after the holidays are over.” For many, that time has suddenly arrived.

The good news is that the holiday blues are often short-lived. However, if you find yourself among the many who are struggling emotionally at this time of year, know that you are certainly not alone. If you examine closely what it is that is truly bothering you, chances are those very same problems were there prior to November. Give yourself the time and space to navigate these issues, but if you find that you need additional support, seek professional help.

Dr. AmyBeth Taublieb is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, author, media personality, and public speaker. She maintains a private practice in Western New York providing psychotherapy and assessments for individuals, couples, and families. To make an appointment, call 716-834-1505, or visit