by William M. Healy, M.D.

Mature doctor listening to his patient and taking notesDoctor and patient. It is 11 o’clock. Do you know where your doctor is?

Well, with personalized health care, that’s easy. Your doctor is a simple phone call away. Yes, that’s right. After hours, my patients have my cell phone number that I personally answer.

Health care is rapidly changing and during my career, I have had a ringside seat to witness all the changes. From my start as a Nuclear Medicine technologist, to medical school, then residency, and finally my 26 years as a practicing Internist/Geriatrician, I have had the honor and privilege of participating in the world’s greatest health care system. I have seen the development of powerful, disease altering drugs, the marvel of imaging machines such as MRI, percutaneous angioplasty techniques that can relieve heart attack and stroke, and the growing skills of our surgeons, specialists, and affiliated health care personnel. Unfortunately, our health care costs are exploding and recent articles have shown that the number one concern of people entering retirement is future health care costs.

Recently, our newspapers, magazines and television programming are ablaze with advertisements competing for your health care dollars. Hopefully, you have survived yet another enrollment season during which our various insurers entice you with all their various “products.” But, what do you really want as a patient? Shouldn’t what you value most be paramount in your decision? Perhaps a caring, experienced physician that has the time to devote to your needs might come to mind.

During my tenure as a practicing physician, I have seen the erosion of the doctor-patient relationship. Ever-growing demands placed upon primary care practices have brought the average patient visit time with their doctor down to a mere eight minutes as written in a 2013 New York Times article. One “solution” presently underway is to force smaller medical practices to combine with larger ones and hire more nurses, physician extenders and even pharmacists to aid primary care physicians with the care of their patients. Will this “team approach” work? Is there another choice that truly puts your needs first?

The MDVIP primary care model began over fourteen years ago and has grown to become the national leader in personalized primary care. Patients that choose to join a MDVIP medical practice receive a comprehensive wellness exam that includes blood work and other testing. This exam takes place in over two visits and takes 2 ½ hours to complete. MDVIP practices are smaller than a traditional practice, providing an unhurried approach to medical care. Costly hospitalizations, ER visits, and specialized care are decreased as evidenced by several published studies.

I was asked by MDVIP to bring the first MDVIP primary care practice here to Western New York. After becoming aware of the strong benefits of their model and the cost savings it provides, there could be only one decision. Our great community is being rebuilt and many exciting changes are taking place. Please take the time to learn about your new MDVIP choice.

About the Author:
William M. Healy, M.D. is a physician who specializes in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, treating people of all ages. He is located at 1829 Maple Road, Suite 202, Williamsville, NY 14221. To make an appointment with Dr. Healy call 716.204.5933. Visit his website at